Are You An Aspiring Marketing Executive Who Wants To Get To The Top Of Your Profession?

We can help! We are former CMOs from some of the world's leading companies that can give you the insights and coaching to accelerate your career success.


Join fellow CMOs and marketing professionals for a 2-day session which covers all of the key insights and best practices you’ll need to be successful

CMO Coaching


Match your needs as a CMO with an experienced CMO who will closely work with you on a wide variety of strategic & tactical challenges over time

Improve your odds of success with coaching from successful marketing leaders

 We are former CMOs who work with aspiring marketing executives to accelerate their career success - let's discuss how we can help you get to the top faster!

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 What our clients say about us

I’ve worked with Kip Knight as my CMO Coach and it’s made a world of difference to me on how effectively I do my job. He’s helped me think through key strategic issues as well as provided practical tips on a number of other important topics. I would strongly recommend hiring a CMO Coach if you’re head of marketing organization – it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career!

– Mike Brown, CMO, Amare Global